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Kunst Pavillion, Innsbruck, 2017, sponge, prints on paper, drawing on the wall.

The exhibition “A part that is missing never breaks” deals with possibilities of escaping from the prevailing visibility

the regime of the present day, with loss of reason and censorship as signifiers of our time, but also with forms of

solidarity and (self-)consciousness formation. It opens a discourse raising questions about the current status of

social cohesion, about the valence of decisions of presence and absence, about the possibility of being able to make such decisions at all. The exhibition argues in favor of upgrading what we may not readily see as a necessary part of the given system, but its existence and availability determine any social eco-logic.

In the collective show, Secil Yaylali and belit sag together produced 3 works one is a diagram of censorship with the element of it and which ways to resist it. The second one is a printed poster of the result of their workshop on

censorship and this one is an installation of gigantic sized adhesive disks of Boston ivy that is represented for them

the concept of censorship.

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