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The Particularity of Jean Moulen


Particularity of Jean Moulin

with Ekmel Ertan

2017, Bergerac (France)

textiles, videos, 4 small screens, 2 projectors

with the support of Festival Trafik, Ali’mentation Générale and La Gare Mondiale-Melkior Théâtre and the help of Leila Haghighat, Thomas Desmaison, Sandra Dumas and the other participants


Particularity of Jean Moulin is a project about neighborhood storytelling originated with Ekmel Ertan within the context of the Trafik Festival in Bergerac. It engaged with the Center social Jean Moulin, a social center in the district of the same name in the city, specifically involving a group of single mothers and their kids. Three of them become the main spots around which the project developed: La Gare Mondiale; a research and production space for theater, Ali'mentation Générale; a multifunctional place of exchange and conviviality, both run by Melkior Théâtre, Pitchouns Et Grands; a community cafè for adults and children,

and the primary public school Jean Moulin, which are the most lively meeting points of the area.

After a few classes on the basics of shooting, the participants created their own audio-visual content about their daily life in the neighborhood through free filming and interviewing sessions: each one chose where and how to shoot, and whom to address. The result was a series of very diverse documentation pieces that were later edited collectively into one video halfway between documentary and video art.

The group also produced a textile map of the district in the shape of Jean Moulin social center's layout as a support for the display of the videos.

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