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The Children of Başak Add Colour To The City! 



The Children of Başak Add Colour To The City!

2005, Istanbul, Parallel event to 9th International Istanbul Biennial

In collaboration with Artists: Türkan Akkulak Koç,Sibel Akkulak, Esin Turan, Renee Reijnders, Gillian Smith, Metin Yergin, Gozde Zehnder

Material: metal, paper, paint, and varnish

In Kadıköy, in the neighborhood of Kayışdağı where there are not enough facilities for children, a playground area was designed and constructed with the children.

The aim of the project was to get children involved in an art process that they will own while creating something long-lasting. The project took place in Kayısdagi on an empty piece of land opposite the office of the Basak Art and Culture Foundation. With the participation of children from different neighborhoods; Merdivenköy and Fikirtepe children worked on their own children's playground. The children created a space, with the collaboration of artists and they built a barrack, a ramp, and a seating area. 

This study aims at creating a bond, a feeling of belonging, and urban awareness among the children of disadvantaged neighborhoods and the city. It also aimed to form playgrounds and art workshops; hoping that it would set an example for similar projects in the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The children who took part in the project were aged 7 -14. With the participation of 20-30 children every day, a total of 300 children the time project was completed between 10th September and 2nd October 2, 2005.

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