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Memories from Ice Age


Memories from Ice Age Series

(#1 Birdman, #2 Seven Divine Sisters)

2015, Liechtenstein (Germany), 2018 Lesa (Italy)

polyester, led lights, textile, sand


SUMMARY: Memories from Ice Age Series is a two-pieced light installation recreating prehistoric sky drawings. It was conceived to be temporarily installed inside a cellar in Liechtenstein.


Memories from Ice Age Series are inspired by iconic images from prehistoric caves, which come as visual symbols that represent mystery and violence. These are two of the most common themes of human nature that keep being universal and everlasting, although their appearance of symbols and shapes continuously transform and progress.


Memories from Ice Age #1 Birdman comes from one of the first representations of human beings in history: the birdman figure appearing on the painted walls of the caves of Lascaux in central France. There, the birdman is part of a composition of drawings that includes a bull and a bird as well: the eyes of these three characters have recently been associated with Vega, Deneb, and Altair, the three bright stars known as the Summer Triangle. Thus, the birdman can be considered part of what may have been one of the very first planetariums, in which humanity started charting the stars and mapping its cosmos.

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