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Dove sono, al riparo della mia anima...,Ameno, 2019, textile.


Villa Cristina is a center for asylum seekers and around 120 people are staying there. My project is searching for ways to integrate asylum seekers into their daily environment. What is the best way for them to feel belong to the location? And how to communicate with the locals in the area? How can they show themselves with their abilities and their former professions? These are some of the questions that draw me to build up this project. Some asylum seekers have their professional jobs. I decided to work with tailors to produce visual and written poems with textiles. Asylum seekers needed 2 to 24 months to arrive Villa Cristina from their home and they stayed in many countries. I asked them to draw their road map, and where did they stay. In the images of the travel of a young guy from Ivory Cost till where he is based now, Villa Cristina, Ameno. Then these images were turned to appepillares, and collectively produce it on textiles. Besides these maps, they also produced handmade bags and all exhibited in Menta e Rosmarino in a local festival.