Dream Box

In all those suffers and heavy living conditions of Palestine, it is more important to create a collective event then to create an art object or to talk about positive things. 

Birzeit is a small city close to Ramallah in West Bank.  Birzeit Refugee Camp is a very small camp made of only one non linear narrow street. Seeking a deeper interaction with local Palestinians, I proposed an event that facilitated a collective action without knowing what it can be.

On the first day we got the know each other and did some brain storming and we searched for an action which will be meaningful for their lives.

In the end the decision was to build a Dream Box (Sanduk el Hayal; is the Arabic translation, Sanduk=box means an important space where you store your valuable objects).

Then we started to construct a box where we can write about our dreams in it or put the made objects that symbolizes our dreams. We I worked there 6 days  from 3 to 6 or 7 PM. We actually get all the tools and the wood from the camp, not anywhere else. And all the people from camp surprisingly they really know how to construct (even the small kids). The people from all the ages were interested and they participated in different ways. We used found wood from the neighbourhood - leftovers from building construction - and the tools from the houses in the camp. They filled the box with their dreams, symbols of their dreams and some hand made objects.

We painted all the objects and the box in white and we places white and red light for the open-studios night. The visitors were also interested to add some of their wishes in the box!

Date: 21-29 October 2010, Birzeit, Palestine

Medium: Wood, nails, iron wire, light and other various found material