61meters of Kahya Bey Street

61 Meters of Kahya Bey Street is a part of an international project WE DECIDE HOW WE RESIDE, which is hosted by HKW Berlin. WE DECIDE HOW WE RESIDE explores artistic-conceptual forms of self-determined living in Berlin, Istanbul and Marseille. Local participants from neighborhoods like Tarlabaşı, Kreuzberg and Belzunce will give shape to visions of how they want to live using artistic means applied in diverse and transdisciplinary, investigative and experimental ways: a collaborative installation of sound, video, and collages; a television series; and a performative appropriation of an abandoned hotel.

One of the important streets of Tarlabasi is Omer Hayyam street and Kahya bey street is an narrow long street that crosses it. The workshops has been done with children and the teenagers living in the first 61meters of this street. They shot a participatory documentary movie with merchants, inhabitants and the kids themselves. The aim of the artists is to show a segment from the lives, expectations, disturbances in this cosmopolite and harmonious neighborhood. The main effort is to create a visual and verbal memory by making a permanent documentation of today in this rapidly changing neighborhood especially in collaboration with the youngest inhabitants.


The goal of “61 meters of Kahya Bey street” project is to be able to communicate with kids and teenagers and general inhabitants of the area through video and film, the most common medium they are exposed to in their daily life. We decided to make them shoot their own documentary in the neighbourhood. We did many workshops in the first two months to teach them many aspects of such a process, from scenario writing to shooting and acting etc. We also invited artists and actors to help us to increase the attention of the participants.

The project was shown at Apartman Projesi Berlin. It participated the conference “We Decide How We Reside” in the frame of Wohnungsfrage at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.