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Urban Garden Lab

During two weeks, Seçil Yaylalı and Isa Andreu transformed the 27sq m of PASAJist Art Space into an urban recycled garden. There were artistic interactions within the Hallep passage, involving the sellers in collaboration with invited artists and architects. The PASAJist space, located within a shopping mall, will be driven by an economy of sharing and collective production/contribution out of its daily use. The recycled garden will be created from donated objects and findings in the city, recycled into space. 


Space was continuously transformed through the research, actions, and contributions of the Passage workers, visitants, and invited guests. PICNIC breaks (mobile conversation gatherings), were held in PASAjist and around the shopping mall, to gather a more “informal” and  “daily” knowledge about the urban and social environment of the Halep Passage. The garden became a temporary laboratory to undertake observations and experiments about collaborative practices, urban readings, artistic exchange, and interdisciplinary visual research.

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