Experiencing with the Locals

In North Italy, there was a route between a small town called Ameno to another small town called Corconio, What is the thing that gives a spirit to it? Can it be people whom you meet on the way? How can you investigate the lives of people? I asked locals about their real daily desires according to a specific location, then I experienced the action with them.

First, one of the Poster’s of Gustav Klimt was transformed with the local images, prehistoric excavations, and reliefs from Ameno. Then it was distributed in the local places in the town. Then I had some volunteer participants and with these people I experienced different actions like cooking polenta, tai chi, sewing, embroidery making, looking for antique pieces, having a walk on the old city center, listening to stories about their grandparents, painting, participating in a rehearsal, etc…

After different acts with different people, I asked the participants to tell me what we had done together, where we had done it, and what was it mean to them. I made a video documentation of their explanations. As documentation, I didn't’ want to use the video during the act because when you put an observing eye, it changes the
intimacy and we all start to act unconsciously. So the video explains how the participants see their own act with me!


Date: June-July 2009
Medium: Documentary Video & Installation