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Experiencing with the Locals

Experiencing with the Locals

2009, Ameno (Italy)


supported by Asilo Bianco


Experiencing with the Locals wished to investigate and understand a place through its inhabitants. Locals were invited by the artist to experience together actions that responded to their varied personal desires, with the intention of creating genuine and intimate space for sharing feelings, thoughts, memories, and stories. 

The resident’s emotions and opinions about their experience with the artist were documented by a series of video interviews.


The project was realized thanks to the participation of Carmela Ceriotti Arcolini, Walter Baronchelli, Giancarlo Bedoni, Giorgio Caione, Luciana Cattaneo, Giovanna Confalone, Don Stefano Gallina, Ivana Giovonetti, Daniela Martinelli, Rita Mello, Angelo Molinari, Floriano Negri, Piero Colombo Reiser, Don Gianni Remogna, and Edoardo Tondina.

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