Love to Love

Love to love is a desert of 7 layers that would be put on top of each other. So all different tastes will combine with each other and as a layer they will be alone as well. It is a representative of collective production in the country sides of Turkey.
The origin of the recipe is very old, but new ingredients like orange and lemon are newly added to “love to love”.


They are cut by a knife in the shape of a hieroglyph writing (it is from 18-8th Century BC by Hittites and used in the region which they have the traditional of molasses now) which means –love- to love. And each piece is be placed in an envelope to give the message to the world. They had been posted many locations.

Date: 28th September-14th October 2008, CATALYST Project Space Berlin
In the workshops, the molases had been cut by participnats and sent to their friends. Workshops were realised in
Date: 15th October 2008, Arttransponder Project Room Berlin ,
18th October 2008, Venta Del Toro-Visibility Project 4, Istanbul

on 2009 Children of Alexandria and patients of Hospital of Novara also made some workshops.

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