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Memories from Ice Age Series, Lichtenstein, 2015 & Lesa, 2018, polyester, led lights, textile.


Today humans are as primitive as the prehistoric ones. The violence and the mystery of human being is not changing at all, it is refining itself and transforming its way but the quantitate of the violence remains the same. To emphasize this reality Seçil Yaylalı worked on the images from prehistoric caves and recreates them with different materials. She built up a site-specific installation in the underpass of Lesa that reminds a cave. Memories from Ice Age #1 Birdman: This prehistoric cave drawing is one of the first representations of human beings in history and probably the first sky map. The figure of the birdman from Cave Lascaux has been cut out from a wider picture. It lies on the passage in Lesa as an icon about the mystery of human being, from the Ice Age till today. The eye of the birdman also one of the dots of a summer triangle sky map: the other two points are on the cutout image: the bull and the bird. Memories from Ice Age # 2 Seven Divine Sisters: It can be the sky map The Pleiades, that is an open star cluster in a form of the hand and the seven dots in a shape of an arc. Memories from Ice Age #3 Bread on fire: There are two pieces of bread on fire from the prehistoric cave drawings.