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Particularity of Jean Moulin, Bergerac, 2017 Textile map, 4 small screens and 2 projector


Seçil Yaylalı and Ekmel Ertan worked together with the inhabitants of Jean Moulin for 10 days during Trafik Festival. They worked with single-mothers and kids in 3 locations; Ali’mentation General. Cafe Pitchiun, and the neighborhood school, which are the lively meeting points in the area. They used digital cameras as a medium and gave participants some shooting classes. After the basics of shooting learned the participants decided where to shoot and whom to interview. Participants created audio-visual content about their life in Jean Moulin. Together with the group they searched for a language to express their lives as they live it. Being locals, they tried to interpret their insider views, which is intimate and actual. The final output is between documentary and video art. As social housing is important to give character to the area, the group decided to use the map of the buildings for the presentation of the work. The map made by Sandra, Sandra, and Celine (with their representation of emotions with different textiles) and pieces were sewed by Secil, Leila and Laura. All the videos shot by the participants